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Waterfront Property:

Whether it is an ocean, a sea, a lake, an inland waterway or a majestic river, waterfront property adds meaning to the phrase, "What a view!"  Prime waterfront property is limited and most often commands a premium price in most habitable markets around the world. 

Throughout history, Kings and Queens, the rich and the famous and ordinary water lovers have built their castles, mansions, estate homes and cottages on the shores of the world's cherished waterways. A mere fifty or hundred foot of shoreline can command astonishing amounts. It matters not, whether it's on an ocean, a lake or a majestic river, the limited supply dictates the price.

Land is plentiful compared to waterfront property and so the golden rule of "Supply and Demand" prevails.  As supply shrinks prices rise!  Secret waterfront oases become more popular demand balloons and soon the prime waterfront sites are gone.  The pattern has repeated itself time and time again.  It's happened in California, Florida, the Carolinas, Manhattan, Long Inland, Vancouver, Toronto, the cottage country and now in Southwestern Ontario.

Yes, the word is spreading that prime waterfront estate lots are being scooped up by people, like me, who saw waterfront lot prices skyrocket elsewhere and recognized that history is repeating itself along the shore of Lake Erie, just as it did along the shores of Lake Ontario, Georgian Bay, Lake Simcoe, the Muskoka lake, the Halliburton lakes and Lake St. Clair.

The Lake Erie opportunity stretches for hundreds of miles along the Canadian shore from Fort Erie to Amherstburg.    Hotspots are popping up all along that shore with Port Colborne, Port Maitland and Port Dove to the east, Long Point, Port Burwell and Port Stanly in the center, and Rondeau, Talbot Trail, Wheatley, Kingsville and Colchester in the west.

It reminds me personally of the Clint Eastwood movie where he finds himself between two bands of outlaws and makes the statement. "A man could get very rich here!"  Well, a year ago, my wife and I moved from the desert of Nevada to the center of this bubbling waterfront property market.  We took up residence on Talbot Trail not far from my home town of Chatham.  Our lakefront property is midway between Blenheim and Wheatley. 

It sometimes takes someone who has traveled the world and lived in other places to see an opportunity that is blossoming right in your own front yard.  The only thing wrong with the picture was the tool needed to harvest this incredible opportunity, namely, a real estate license.  It didn't take long for me to remedy that problem.  I now find myself, in that enviable position (like Clint Eastwood) in the middle of a unique real estate opportunity.


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